10 tips every parent need to know to safeguard their children from predators

1. Predators uses variety of manipulative and controlling techniques; with a vulnerable subject; in a range of inter-personal and social settings; in order to establish trust or normalise sexually harmful behaviour; with the overall aim of facilitating exploitation and/or prohibiting exposure.

2.A predator will need access to  a child through their care givers which means they normally will have a relationship with you.

3. Predators establish a trusting relationship especially with those associated with the child’s care and wellbeing before they strike.

4.Predators are difficult to spot,every parent should be vigilant

5.Research has found that child sexual abuse perpetrators are diverse and differ in their motivations and behaviour, they usually attract kids with appropriate age games or toys

6.Some children are more at risk this include those socially isolated, those with low self-esteem or children with one parent who is continually absent.

7.If the child has been a victim of bullying or has low self-esteem they are also at risk.

8.Perpetrators can also groom others to gain access to a child or groom those who could be manipulated to conceal abuse, such as parents and other caregivers.

9.Educate your children/ward on enhanced understanding of the types of techniques employed by perpetrators

10 As a parent the best thing you can do is to read up on the warning signs and to keep an eye out for any danger.

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