10 ways Nigerians celebrate Independence Day

Although today is Sunday, the federal government has declared Monday as a public holiday.

Regardless of how various sections of the populace feel about the state of the country, Nigeria’s 57th anniversary is worthy of celebration: in spite of the several crisis that threatened the continued existence of the country.
The following are ten ways Nigerians can celebrate the Independence Day.

Attend state parades:

Respective states treat the Independence Day as an important event, marked by celebrations and organize parades. Although those parades are not as elaborate as they used to be in time past, civil servants are usually obligated to attend.


Cultural activities and community gatherings:

Most Nigerians will celebrate the forthcoming 57 Independence day by engaging in several cultural activities and community gatherings to make it memorable.

Discussions may likely vary from how Nigeria used to be economically vibrant in the olden days to civil war and hitherto IPOB, Boko Haram etc .

With this year falling on a Sunday, the government has declared Monday, September 2 a public holiday, making the weekend even longer.

Wake up to an Independence speech:

Nigerians will look forward to a speech from President Muhammad Buhari on Oct 1 uppermost on their minds will be economic crisis, security, ethnic segregation.

Going to recreation spots
Some Nigerians will go to different recreation centres come Independence day. This includes going to the beach, shopping mall, eatries and such like, while others will go to amusement parks with their children.

Sleep and rest
Due to the stress some Nigerians pass through between Mondays and Fridays, they will use the public holiday declared for Independence to sleep. Such people will not leave their house.

Nigerians love visiting friends and families. Some people have not had the time to visit their loved ones for some time now. The celebration will afford them to make up for this.

 Engagement with social media
Lovers of social media like Facebook,twitter, snap chat, and the rest will spend a good time chatting with their social media friends.

Nigerians love parties. It is not only when there are marriages, birthdays or naming ceremonies that Nigerians party. Some people will organise concerts and get together tomorrow to mark the Independence anniversary.

Watching Television
People will not just listen to the president’s speech or the march past, they will also watch different TV programmes to relax themselves.

This is common with men and the youths. Neighbourhoods without football pitches will have the streets turned into football fields. This is a form of enjoyment and a way of felicitating that Nigeria is 57.

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