2018 World Cup: Wife beater begs court to allow him watch opening match

The magistrate fined him $100 or 90 days in prison.

A wife beater from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has pleaded with a court not to give him custodial sentence as he would not like to miss the world cup which kicks off in Russia today.

Collias Mutungamiri, from cowdray park, pleaded with a court for fine, Chronicle reports.

Collias said “I have learnt the hard way while i was in custody. We only had cabbage or beans.

“At times we were made to sleep on the floor as early as 4pm and the sleeping condition was terrible.

“I pray that you give me a non-custodial sentence as am a working man and I don’t want to miss the world cup,” he said.

The magistrate fined him $100 or 90 days in prison.

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