Abuja: Farmer drags cow to police station for eating yam

The cow had been detained at the station awaiting judgement.

An Abuja farmer, identified as Elder Samson, has reportedly dragged a cow to a police station for allegedly munching on his yam.

According to reports, Samson handed the cow over to the police in Abaji after arresting it on his on his farm at Sabon-Gari, Abaji.

A resident of the area, identified as Yahaya Aliyu, said the middle-aged farmer met a number of cows eating his recently planted yams on Wednesday morning.

The cows had been led to the farm by a herdsman who allegedly dug up the yams from ridges. The herder was said to have fled upon sighting Samson.

The farmer consequently arrested one of the cows left behind by the herder and tied it down.

“When the herder saw the farmer coming, he escaped and the farmer arrested one of the cows and tied it up, got a pick up van which took the cow to the council secretariat,” Aliyu said.

The DPO of Abaji police station, CSP David Kolo, said the division was still waiting for the owner to come forward to claim it.

Kolo confirmed that a similar incident happened recently when two cows were taken to the division by a farmer.

“And we have been able to get a court judgment on those two cows which are still at the police station,” the DPO reportedly said.

“The court had ordered that since nobody came to claim ownership of the cows, they should be sold out and the money be used in compensating the affected farmer.”

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