Airport toilet cleaner hailed for returning lost foreign currencies

Mary said she had no reason to keep the bag to herself as it didn’t belong to her.

On Tuesday, Mary Ishaya, a toilet cleaner at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, found a lost bag in the male toilet at the airport, just a few months after a Halogen guard found a sum of money and returned it to the authorities.

Mary, who works for a cleaning company contracted to work with the airport authorities, was said to have found $2,000, $140 Canadian, eight pieces of coins, four bus cards, 4 ATM cards, two international passports, baggage claim tags and N21,850.

Mary made sure the valuables were returned to the owner, Imade Uhunwagho, a worker of Nigerian Deposit Insurance.

As reward for her sincerity, Mary has since been promoted from a cleaner to a supervisor by the cleaning organisation Lakewood.

“On Monday, I was working in the toilet when my colleague took excuse and said I should keep an eye on his side. I stayed outside the male toilet when a passenger alerted me about a bag. Since I was not permitted to enter the male toilet I told him to bring the bag outside,” she said.

“After bringing it out he told me to open it, I told him that it was not in my place to do that I would that it to the information desk, so I took the bag to the information desk, where it was opened and a lot of foreign currencies were found.”

Mary said she had no reason to keep the bag to herself as it didn’t belong to her.

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