“Banky W, Adesua will experience broken marriage” – Pastor Adeboye

The love wantintin going on between singer Banky W and Nollywood star Adesua Etomi is the kind of stuff Enoch Adeboye warned people against.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christen Church of God (RCCG) told singles to desist from choosing life partners from the social media. He said such marriages don’t last.

“If you are expecting a marriage that will last, let it be one that is arranged by God,” he said last month.

“Let me tell you clearly, if you get a wife through Facebook, you will lose her through the YouTube.

“You can quote me.

“Any marriage that is conducted through the Facebook is going to crash through the YouTube.

“No doubt about that,” he said.

Reports saying Banky W was engaged to Adesua broke the internet today.

The couple revealed they started the affair after Banky W messaged Adesua on Instagram, a social medium owned by Facebook. Yes, he slid into her DM.

If Adeboye’s words are anything to go by, the star couple could be heading for marital woes.

No matter how big their wedding party is, their marriage could crash through Snapchat.

Written by Rotimi Akinola

Nigeria is not a country. It's a mindset.


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  1. I totally understand nigeria is a mindset…its people like you that prevent it from being a country and you call yourself a journalist…what a waste.

  2. Where on earth did you put your journalistic ethics? Fraud like you makes journalism looks like a child’s play stop putting sensational headlines

  3. Take this off,its showing how unreliable your news is.May I advice you,your playing with a respected man of God.Your punishment is doing press up,you better take this off and ask God to forgive you.

  4. From ur writeup I never see where Pastor Adeboye mentioned Banky W & Adesuwa’s name. Marriage success rest solely on d couple, they both needs to make it work irrespective of where or how they met. Pls stop publicing false news.

  5. I sorry for you, playing cheap jokes on a highly respected gentle man of God, well I pity you, when your life will soon start playing Ludo don’t say you were not warned.
    If you did it for cheap publicity then it just goes to show how cheap you can be

  6. Nawa ooooo. See me thinking Daddy G.O actually said it. May God forgive you for using the man of God’s name to publish nonsense. Mttshewww.

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