BEAUTIFUL! Physically-challenged orphan finds love, marries in Bauchi

The Bauchi state governor and his wife played the roles of father and mother of the bride.

A physically-challenged orphan got the chance to marry the love of her life with the assistance of the Bauchi state government on Friday.

20 year-old Hauwa Muazu, who grew up at the State Orphanage Home, was abandoned by her unidentified parents since birth.

Hauwa, in a decent Nikkai ceremony, got married to Mr Shehu Idris, a staff of the Specialists’ Hospital, Bauchi.

The state governor Mohammed Abubakar and his wife, Mrs Hadiza Mohammed played the roles of father and mother of the bride.

The 36-year-old groom, who already has a wife before marrying the orphan, told NAN that he met his “sweet heart” barely “one month ago”.

He said: “The bride was introduced to me by someone just barely one month ago and I visited her immediately at the Orphanage Home. I declared my intention to marry her because I love her; she is a lady with dignity and respect.

“She (Hauwa) is an orphan and I know that she is government’s child; I promise to accord her full respect and pledge not to betray her either,” Idris added.

He said that the new wife would be accommodated in a separate apartment to ensure peaceful coexistence in the family.

Hauwa, on her part, expressed delight for bidding farewell to spinsterhood.

Maryam Zubairu, Head of the Orphanage Home, told NAN that a care giver had been attached to the bride to help in domestic activities considering her physical condition.

The wife of the governor said the state government “will continue to support her even in her marital home.”

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