BREAKING NEWS! TBoss says she showers naked!

Heck! Who doesn’t?!

Tokunbo Idowu a.k.a bared her chest on live international television during Big Brother Naija 2017.

She emerged 2nd runner-up after Efe scooped the N25 million grand prize and a car.

TBoss is back in Nigeria. Beat FM asked why she put her oranges on display.

“The Big Brother house was a place where I was myself,” she began.

“At home I don’t shower with my clothes on,” she said.

Who send you? You for baf for ya house dressed like Lai Mohammed’s masquerades.

“Usually, in my house, I just walk around naked,” TBoss continued.

“My dad actually did a snapshot, he just sent me a picture of myself, and I was like, Oh Lord!”

Photos: Thank you TBoss for showering naked…because we don’t.

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And about why she couldn’t recite the national anthem, TBoss said:

I can totally recite the national anthem. But I was under pressure and tired because the whole day, we were in the sun, talking.

Written by Rotimi Akinola

Nigeria is not a country. It's a mindset.

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