Breaking: Youth gathers at unity fountain Abuja over how to sack the “rogue” 8 senate

It is obvious they are not representing us

A group of youth gather at unity fountain Abuja to deliberate on how to sack the “rogue” 8 Senate.

One of the convener Kemi Sisi Eko stated that “it is time to walk the talk
4pm today at the Unity Fountain Abuja
We will begin to amass ourselves and we will not go home, until we sack the rogue 8th senate”

“It is obvious they are not representing our interest ,therefore we are no longer going to tolerate their excesses
bring your mats/pillows

if there is no food we will drink water
come from all over Nigeria , from every states, Local Government and from every Village

Let us put the house of Senate under locks and keys until the next election
we do not need the senate
most of them are ex-governors collecting pension from their already impoverished states.

Most are rabble rouser without any meaningful antecedents , education, and businesses

“If you are not tired, I am tired”

She stated further that Abuja and surrounding areas have Millions of Nigerians, but they are waiting for us to invite them and lay red carpets down for them to walk on, while they keep suffering under the yoke of a Senate Cabal of 109 members. People who are determined to Colonize Nigeria for their own benefits ONLY.

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