Car accidents in Nigeria has claimed 3500 lives in 2017- FRSC

over 10,000 others wounded

An average of 13 people were killed in road accidents daily across Nigeria in 2017, data by the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, has shown.

The FRSC said 423 persons died and 2,339 others were wounded in 768 road traffic accidents across the country in July.

The agency disclosed this in the July edition of its monthly `Road Traffic Crash (RTC) Report’ made available to the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Friday.

According to the report signed by the FRSC Corps Marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi, the July death figure represents an increase of 122 or 41 per cent over that of June.

In June, the FRSC recorded 738 accidents nationwide leaving 301 persons dead and 2,157 others wounded.

The latest report said the accident cases and persons injured in July were also higher than those of the previous month by 30 and 182 or 4 per cent and 8 per cent respectively

Below are the major causes of road accidents in Nigeria and tips to prevent them:

Over speeding:
According to the FRSC, 50% of road crashes in Nigeria are due to over speeding. Motorists should therefore know that speed kills.

Tips: Drive carefully and within reasonable limits.

 Brake failure:
This is an extremely dangerous occurrence when a vehicle fails to stop after the brake has been applied. This term is familiar with the heavy-duty vehicles, though smaller vehicles are not spared.

Tips: Make sure you carryout routine checks on your vehicles brake system.

Bad Weather:
If the weather is bad; especially during a torrential downpour, road accidents may probably happen due to poor visibility and road slipperiness. Rain affects ability to see as well as vehicle traction.

Tips: Don’t ever trust your wipers to do the job. If you happen to be driving and visibility is poor where you have no awareness of cars around you, it is better to park your vehicle till the weather improves. You have got one life, protect it.

Bad roads:
The failure of successive governments in Nigeria to fix the death traps called roads in Nigeria has no doubt caused so much pain to temporal and frequent road users. The bad roads across the nation are nothing to write home about.

Tips: Don’t over speed, drive carefully.

Bad driving habits:
It is important for road users to respect other road users be ensuring their driving is not only for their own safety, but for others. Adhering to all traffic rules and regulations is also very important for safe driving.

Tips: You are not on a race track and you are not the only one on the road, drive responsibly.

This is mostly common among commercial drivers and drivers of Very Important Personalities (VIPs) and government officials. These drivers are usually over worked and hardly observe rest.

Tips:It is important for principals of such drivers to ensure that they observe maximum rest always, so that they can be refreshed and geared up for the next journey. No one can cheat nature.

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