CHILD ABUSE: Little girl allegedly brutalised by father for watching TV in neighbour’s room

Esther sustained wounds on her body from the beating.

Esther’s body was laced with injuries. Photo: Olagunju Adekunle

A case of child abuse has reportedly left a little girl identified as Esther with wounds across her back in Ibadan.

Esther’s father allegedly brutalised by her father for going to watch television in a neighbour’s room.

According to a Facebook user, Olagunju Adekunle, he saw Esther’s cane wounds and asked to know who caused such injuries on her.

Esther’s mother admitted the father had been behind the beating.

Adekunle shared on Facebook, “God, I can’t just believe this in my life, I was driving to the office this morning and I’ve reasons to make a call and before I know, I was out of call card. As I alighted from my car to get a recharge card, I sighted this small girl (Esther by name) who had reportedly been beaten mercilessly by her heartless and unreasonable father.”

Esther’s back with cane marks. Photo: Olagunju Adekunle

“I was so fortunate to interrogate her mother, who told me that the girl went to their neighbour’s room just to watch TV.

“I took the girl to the nearby police station. On getting there, the girl and her mother were redirected to another police station which is very close to their house.”

Adekunle further shared that Esther’s father didn’t feel any remorse, and threatened to deal with his wife for cooperating with a stranger.

Esther. Photo: Olagunju Adekunle (FB)

“I called her father and I asked him why he beat the girl mercilessly like that, but his response was very disheartening.

“He threatened to beat his wife afterwards.”

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