Child Abuse: Woman arrested for allegedly inserting broomstick into nephew’s private part

A woman, identified only as Bassey, has been arrested for allegedly subjecting her nine-year-old nephew to wicked forms of punishment.

Bassey had allegedly inserted a stick of broom dipped in pepper into the boy’s private part, reports say.

The boy, identified as Promise, had been accused by the mother of four of stealing N2,000.

He was reportedly taken to the hospital where the broomstick was removed.

Bassey has been accused by neighbours of repeatedly engaging in child abuse of Promise, who lived with her on Ashaka street, in the Ebute-Meta area of Lagos State.

“The boy was formerly in a private public school, but he was withdrawn immediately his mother died. His father is also late. Since that time, she turned him into an errand boy,” a neighbour is anonymously quoted as saying.

“I have known the boy for three years now and can categorically say that he is always being maltreated.

“There was a time the guardian beat him up and tortured him with a needle.  She starved  the boy for three days.

“On another occasion, she sent the boy out of the house in the night and left him outside till daybreak.”

Bassey, despite having four children from different men, had never maltreated her own kids, the neighbour added.

Another tenant said: “She said she was looking for N2,000 and accused the boy of stealing it. She beat him up with a stick and used red pepper to rub his whole body. The boy was screaming, yet she did not stop.

“After that, she inserted a stick of broom, dipped in Cameroon pepper, into the boy’s private parts.

“We could not bear it again and we reported the abuse to the police at the Iponri division. She was arrested and is still in police custody.”

Director of the OPD, Mrs. Salami Olubukola lamented Bassey’s alleged wicked act, saying it “is absolutely shocking how adults mete out extreme punishment to kids for minor offences. How can one justify inserting a stick of broom into the private parts of a boy? What if the broom had broken inside the boy’s private parts? He would have been damaged for life.

“No matter the offence, adults must learn to control their temper when dealing with children.  I hope she can reflect on her wicked actions and change while in detention.”

Lagos State Police PRO, SP Dolapo Badmos said the accused had been charged to court and remanded in custody.