#DeadPose Gone Wrong: Teenage poser dies in South Africa as unsuspecting friends cheer on

A #DeadPoser.
A #DeadPoser having fun with the viral challenge.  *Not the victim described in the story*

A 19-year-old South African who was having fun with the #DeadPose has reportedly died while making her best impressions of the viral trend.

Tshidi Ngwenya, said to be an enthusiastic dead poser, died in Pretoria after swallowing her tongue during one of her many poses.

Friends of Ngwenya reportedly thought she was only displaying one of her many “styles” of posing as a dead person, before reality dawned on them things had gone awry.

She had earlier posted a series of pictures of herself performing the challenge and was cheered on by her friends, armed with cameras, to step it up a notch with another daring pose, Live Monitor reports.

Ngwenya however, fell to the ground and collapsed.

The unsuspecting friends thought their “expert” dead poser was giving a masterful display, snapping away before realising she hadn’t moved after few minutes.

The shocked friends rushed to revive Ngwenya but it was already too late, as she was reportedly pronounced dead upon the arrival of paramedics.

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the ambulance crew, nothing could be done to save her. If her friends had noticed early, she would be alive now,” a spokesman for the paramedics is quoted as saying.

Ngwenya’s parents said she had a history with seizures and might have suffered one during the pose.

Live Monitor reports that the teenager had passed her matric with 4 distinctions and was due to study medicine.

The #DeadPose reportedly started in South Africa recently, with participants posing as dead persons in awkward positions and posting photos on Twitter.