Domestic Violence: Tanzanian singer allegedly beaten to death by husband

The deceased, Zamzam
The deceased, Zamzam reportedly made it a duty to send photos of her battered face to friends.

A Tanzanian singer has reportedly died as a result of repeated domestic abuse she suffered in the hands of her police husband.

Kijakazi Pazi Shaban, who goes by the stage name Zamzam as a member of Kidedea music group, had been enduring her husband’s abuse before she succumbed to her injuries a week ago, Kenya’s E Daily reports.

The husband, Hamad Ally who is a police officer, allegedly lied his wife died as a result of stomach ulcers.

He was also said to have lied to his boss that he needed a van to take his sick wife to the hospital. He however took Zamzam’s body to a morgue in Temeke, Dar es Salaam.

Investigations revealed the deceased had in the past, sent gory photos of her facial wounds to friends, informing them of her husband’s consistent abuse.

A source told Amani, a publication in the country, that Zamzam had asked that her husband be held responsible in the eventuality of her death.

Hamad had reportedly finalised plans to bury Zamzam before family members demanded to see her body.

A postmortem report obtained at a Temeke hospital revealed the singer succumbed to her injuries following a beating.

Hamad was reportedly arrested and detained following the discovery.