Evans appears in court, victim testifies how he was given tetanus injection

One of the kidnapper’s victims testified how he was given injection for his gunshot wound.

The trial of alleged kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike popularly known as Evans, resumed at the Lagos High Court sitting in Igbosere on Friday.

A witness, one of Evans’ victims, testified how he was given injection to treat the gunshot wound he sustained during the operation.

The victim, James Uduji, said Evans gave him tetanus injections for seven days.

Uduji, a businessman, also told the court that Evans drove the Lexus 470 SUV in which he was abducted on September 7, 2015 by four armed men on his way home from his factory at Agbara, Ogun State.

He said that the incident happened close to his house on 7th Avenue, FESTAC Town, Lagos.

Uduji said the kidnappers were driving a Lexus 470 SUV at the time of the incident and that they fired several gunshots during the operation.

“I was inside my Hilux van with my two drivers when the men came and pulled me out of my vehicle and dragged me inside their own vehicle.

“I was not blindfolded at this point, so I saw the men clearly and the man at the steering with a gun was Evans. He is the only one I can recognise among the four.

“I then realised I sustained bullet wounds,” he said.

Udiji added that he spent a total of 45 days in the kidnappers’ den before he was released following the payment of $1.2m (about N400m) as ransom.

He said that the $1.2m ransom was paid by his family in three instalments. He was released eight days after the ransom was paid.

Evans’ representative, Olanrewaju Ajanaku, during his cross examination of Udiji, said the victim didn’t say in his statement to the police the exact date he was released.

The court adjourned proceedings till Monday, September 17.

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