Femi Adeyeye: UNILAG student rescues 2 more inmates from Kirikiri Prison

Femi Adeyeye wrote…

Malaria could not hold me down when I received the call that the other inmates would be released today. Expectedly, my joy knew no bounds that some persons would also join the league of “free” persons tonight. I boarded the next available flight.

I arrived from the Medium Security Prison, Kirikiri some hours ago after securing the release of 2 more inmates in spite of the delay tactics played by the State in the whole issue.

The story of David Samson, 15 is one that would make us wonder what this country has turned into. This is a teenager who “danced” his way to Prison. Imagine a 15 year old boy ending up in Prison after reporting a case to the Police. Laying credence to the fact that this Government is irresponsible is the fact that he is a minor. We would not allow this madness to continue. The case would be taken up against the State. A state that can be so profit-driven to the extent of jailing a minor; making him go through the pains of imprisonment should be ready to pay damages.

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Abiola Wasiu’s case is another serious one. Both of them have spent 1 month, 2 weeks.

As at the time I left the Prison today, the number of inmates is 3,394 as against the 1,700 standard limit.

Do you know that the Prison authorities manipulate these figures when inspectors visit the Prison?.

Maybe through this post, the parents of David Samson who live in Ajah would know that their son is not dead. He was just a victim of Gov. Ambode’s mega-city saga. They would share their “success” stories to the World in exclusive interviews.

It gives me great joy to seek justice and liberation of mankind.

Adeyeye shared the news via his Facebook account on May 17.

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