Germany: Party proposes “sex subsidy” for less privileged

German Green Party recently released a statement proposing that disabled and sick people who can’t afford to pay for sexual activities be assisted by the government.

Speaking on the law, the party’s spokeswoman, Elisabeth Scharfenberg said that doctors should be able to prescribe sex to patients, who would then provide it as proof that they did indeed need sexual gratification but could not afford it.

There is currently an ongoing trend in the country, where prostitution is legal, which sees sex workers offering free sex to the handicapped, elderly and dementia sufferers.

The plan is for sexual assistance to be a part of the fundamental rights of the less-privileged in the society which means that the cost of sexual services can be claimed as a part of medical expenses, a law which is already in place in the Netherlands.

The post was first published by our affiliate Thenetng.

Written by Rotimi Akinola

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