Heartwarming! 74-year-old grandmother fulfils dream to write name before she dies

Grandmother Maria’s wish was to learn how to write her name before she dies.

A wish of a 74-year-old woman, identified only as Grandmother Maria, to be able to at least learn to write her name before she dies has come to fruition.

The woman, according to one Hon Buumba Malambo who shared the Zambian septuagenarian’s story, had always wished she would be able to write her name before she dies.

Maria had been married off at age fourteen and never had the opportunity to attend school, Malambo said.

Malambo, who shared heartwarming photos of Maria, wrote: “Congratulations grandmother Maria. Just sharing some good news. Our oldest student on our new project Azimai Apunzile sponsorship project, grandmother Maria has just learned how to write her name at age 74.

“When she finally learned how to hold a pencil I shed tears of joy. She was married off at 14 years and she has never been in school. Her only wish when she started the night school was to learn how to write her name before she dies and her wish has been granted through this project.”

Grandmother Maria in school uniform.

Talk about a bucket list getting ticked!

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