How EFCC’s clampdown on ‘Yahoo boys’ may affect innocent Nigerians

Here are reasons why many innocent people may be harassed.

There is an international pressure on Nigeria to curb the activities of internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo boys’.

Police spokesperson, ASP Yomi Shogunle has sternly warned that there is no hiding place for all ‘Yahoo boys’ relocating from Lagos State because of the fear of going to jail.

“You can run but you can’t hide, the long arm of the law will catch up with you anywhere you run to as long as you indulge in illegal activities” Shogunle warned.

With the recent focus on Yahoo boys by the EFCC and other law enforcement, below are reasons why many innocent people may be harassed.


EFCC, SARS, and Police may harass many innocent citizens going to clubs with their friends in big cars, with loud music blasting from the speakers.


A lot of young people in entertainment may be innocently harassed or arrested due to their dressing. DJs, musicians and their friends dress in a similar manner, with ‘blings’ and other flashy pieces of jewelry.

Group of friends in an expensive car: 

It will be a problem for young people to drive round town in a group in expensive cars. ‘Yahoo boys’ are associated with having a group of friends that they move with.

Club owners:

Many club owners may run out of business if customers refuse to show up over fears of being arrested.

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