How Nigerians can curb high rate of fire outbreak in homes

Citizens are advised to adopt necessary safety precautions to minimise the risk of fire outbreaks.

Fire outbreak is a big problem across Nigeria and there is a need for enlightenment on how to prevent fire in homes.

Commandant-General of the Federal Fire Service, Mr. Joseph Anebi, has revealed that over five trillion Naira worth of properties have been lost to fire outbreaks in the country.

Many safety experts have shed light on how to prevent fire in homes:


According to a Safety Officer who identified himself as Bayo, “carelessness is the major cause of fire outbreak in houses and accounts for at least 75 per cent of the recorded cases”.

Everyone is advised to adopt extreme caution when handling electrical appliances and gas cookers in their homes.

Use of substandard products:

According to a Sales Manager of an electric cable wire company who identified himself as John Awosanya, builders spend more money on the aesthetics of a building to the detriment of the electrical installations. The use of substandard electrical materials poses grave danger to such buildings.

Lack of technical know-how, and careless handling of flammable liquids:

According to safety experts, it is not enough to just buy fire extinguisher. Fire is a friend; but when it gets out of hand, it becomes your enemy. What you do before the fire occur is very important,” Awosanya explained in a seminar on fire recently.

Lack of skills and training on the part of electricians:

The Director of Safety Training and Education, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Adebiyi Adeyinka, confirmed to newsmen that “facilities were getting burnt frequently because most electricians were not well trained, adding that lack of skills was leading to wrong use of equipment”

“Most connections and products used are also substandard but fire incidences related to electricity have reduced since we started training electricians. We also continuously conduct safety audits of building,” he said.

Citizens are advised to adopt necessary safety precautions to minimise the risk of fire incidents, while the government should pronounce more strict regulations regarding fire safety.

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