How organ harvesting is funding Nigeria ‘mafia’ working with Libyans to smuggle migrants

Nigeria, Libya, Egypt mafias may not give up on human trafficking any soon

About 490 Nigerians returned from Libya on Sunday.They arrived the Port Harcourt Airport at about 4.55 p.m.The returnees are among 5,027 expected to return from the West African country.

Organ harvesting has remained  one gruesome stream of revenue for organized criminal networks, and this may give organisation like NAPTIP  a run for their money

According to one of the Libyan returnees, some Nigerians are still secretly selling humans to Egyptians who kill them to take their organs and sell them in Egypt for $15,000,”

“The Egyptians come equipped to remove the organ and transport it in insulated bags.”

He added that the smugglers also sold the organs of migrants who died at sea on the journey to Italy.

Libya has been in the news in recent times as a result of the modern slave trade going on there were citizens of that country auction human beings publicly. The issue attracted worldwide condemnation, leading to the Nigerian government embarking on a mass rescue of Nigerians from Libya.

It is unclear right now if the gruesome organ harvesting practice will deter millions of frustrated Africans who see their Eldorado just across the Meditteranean sea.


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