“I’m not focused on 2019 elections” – Buhari tells Theresa May

Buhari downplayed his 2019 second term ambition while speaking with the British Prime Minister.

During Buhari’s meeting with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May today in London, the President said he was more focused on reviving the economy and fighting corruption than the forthcoming elections.

He said: “We campaigned on three major issues, to secure the country, revive the economy and fight corruption.

“We have elections next year, politicians are already preoccupied with the polls, but I am bothered more about security and the economy.”

Buhari also talked about the progress the country has made in agriculture, which he said has put Nigeria firmly on the road to food self-sufficiency.

“I am very pleased with the successes in agriculture,” he said, adding: “We have cut rice importation by about 90%, made lots of savings of foreign exchange, and generated employment,” he said.

“People had rushed to the cities to get oil money, at the expense of farming. But luckily, they are now going back to the farms. Even professionals are going back to the land. We are making steady progress on the road to food security.”

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