Lagos suicide update: Allwell Oji is ALIVE

It’s a case of mistaken identity.

Allwell Oji is ALIVE!

He’s a Nigerian nurse.

Reports saying he jumped off Third Mainland Bridge into Lagos Lagoon are untrue.

Here’s Oji doing a live Facebook video to prove he’s alive, and that he never jumped.

This is Nurse Allwell Oji…and he’s alive.

Scroll down for video.

Someone jumped, okay? But it was Doctor Allwell Oji, NOT Nurse Allwell Oji.

Suicide: This is NOT the doctor who jumped into Lagos Lagoon

Both men bear similar names and work in the same (medial) field. The media used Nurse Oji’s images alongside stories of Doctor Oji’s alleged suicide.

Nurse Oji is ALIVE. Last time we checked. Dead men don’t use Facebook.

Watch: Nurse Oji is alive.

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Written by Rotimi Akinola

Nigeria is not a country. It's a mindset.

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