Ministry of Works badly hit as Nigerian lawmakers slash budget allocations for Education, Agriculture

See final details of allocated sums for specific sectors by the lawmakers.

President Buhari presented the budget to the National Assembly late 2016.

The details of the deductions and increments made on the final 2017 budget approved by the National Assembly have been released by BudgIT.

Minister of Power, Works & Housing Babatunde Fashola had earlier complained of an attempt by the lawmakers to sabotage his successful execution of projects across the country.

Here are some of the final details of the allocated sum for specific sectors by the lawmakers.

Federal Ministry of Works, Power and Housing


1. A total of N31.5 billion was proposed for the rehabilitation/reconstruction and expansion of Lagos-Shagamu-Ibadan dual carriage sections I & II in Lagos and Oyo States but N10 billion was approved.

2. The Federal Housing Programme was also slashed from N41 billion to N28 billion in the final budget.

3. The Construction of 2nd Niger Bridge, including access roads in Anambra and Delta States, was slashed from N12 billion to N7 billion.

4. The proposed amount for the emergency rehabilitation/maintenance of 3rd Mainland Bridge was, however, increased from N3.36 billion to N3.50 million.

5. The intervention of internal roads in tertiary institutions in Nigeria got slashed from N3 billion to N1.5 billion in the final budget.

6. The lawmakers increased the budget for the rehabilitation of Onitsha-Enugu dual carriage way in Anambra from N5 billion to N7.5 billion.

7. The dualization of Ibadan-Ilorin road was also increased from N3 billion to N5 billion in the final Budget.

8. Dualization of Abeokuta-Ibadan road got raised in the approved budget from N669.4 million to N825.5 million.

9. N1.1 billion was approved for the construction of Pategi-Kpada road Kwara state.

10. On electricity, a total of N65 million was approved for the supply of solar electricity panels on Lagos island.

11. The budget for the purchase of survey instruments and computers was increased from N28.7m to N92.8m.

Nigerians are hoping that the implementation of the budget will have a positive effect on the flailing economy.

Federal Ministry of Education

1. The Federal Ministry of Education got N2.14bn for instructional materials for secondary schools.

2. The budget for SDGS training of head teachers and administrators in the 36 states and FCT was increased from N209.8 million to N359.8 million in the approved budget.

3. The teacher development programmes got slashed from N151.5 million to N131.5 million.

4. The budget for the completion of the National Library budget also got slashed from N627 million to N475 million in the approved budget.

5. The construction and furnishing of 500 capacity student hostel were slashed from N164.3 million to N140.3 million in the approved budget.

Federal Ministry of Agriculture

1. The budget for the empowerment of small and medium scale farmers was increased from N45 million to N169 million.

2. Procurement of tractors and farm tools to improve productivity in got slashed from N58.8 million to N40.8 in the approved budget.

3. The budget for the extension services to improve value chain got slashed from N3.05 billion to N2.05 billion.

4. Budget for land and climate management got slashed from N5.1 billion to N3.7 billion.

5. A total sum of N150 million was approved for capacity building for farmers.

6. The budget for the provision of agricultural facilities was slashed from N426 million to N336 million in the final budget.

7. A sum of N94.5 million was approved for the construction of 70 NOS hand pumped boreholes in selected rural communities.

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