Nigerian blogger gets dragged for “stealing” British comedian’s tweets

Yuri’s account could be suspended if Edison decides to notify the app’s administrators.

Edison (l) accuses Yuri (@Snikoggs) of “stealing” his pun-filled tweets

A Nigerian blogger, identified simply as Yuri, has been called out by a British comedian for “stealing” his jokes and puns on Twitter.

It appears the blogger, with the handle @Snikoggs on the social app, had been recycling Daniel Edison’s cheeky puns for months.

“I’ve just discovered an account (@Snikoggs) who’s been stealing my tweets for months,” Edison said on Twitter on Saturday.

On one of the seeming rip-offs, Edison, a stand-up comedian with BBC Radio 4 Extra, had tweeted in November 2015: “Do you find it funny that you were kicked out of the orchestra?” “Well, does it symphony to you?”, a pun which would appear unedited on the blogger’s timeline over a year after.

Yuri, an Enugu native, has yet to respond to the allegations despite being called out by several users.


Scroll to see the series of tweets allegedly lifted from Edison’s timeline:

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Although Twitter hasn’t clearly stated it, an account of a plagiarist can actually be suspended if the right process is followed.

The person whose tweets have been copied can get the app’s administrators to take action against the culprit by lodging a complaint.

It is unclear if Edison will notify the social platform of Yuri’s seemingly blatant copying but he expressed in disgust: “Thanks for the solidarity everyone. As an aspiring comedian with a small account, this really, really sucks.”

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