Nigerian boy, 7, dies in fire attack in UK; family blames brother

Relatives blamed 21-year-old drill rapper, Sam Urhie, because of his gang affiliations.

Joel Urhie’s body was found after a very severe fire, suspected to be an arson attack, in a house at Adolphus Street, Deptford, south-east London, on Tuesday morning.

His mother Sophie and sister Sarah jumped to safety from the first floor.

Since being released from hospital, Sarah who is 19 years old has been posting series of emotional messages about her dead brother.

She captions it with ”Rest in peace my amazing brother Joel, nothing makes sense right now, i love you”.

Her mother is still being treated and post-mortem examination is being carried out to find out the cause of Joel’s death.

Police say they are yet to find any suspect regarding the death of Joel, but CCTV footages from the flat across the building have been recovered.

The MET police said in a briefing on Tuesday that it is not discounting the possibility that the suspected arson attack is gang-related.

Relatives blamed 21-year-old drill rapper, Sam Urhie, for the arson attack, because of his gang affiliations.

They said Joel was probably caught in the crossfire of a turf war involving his sibling Sam, who was recently released from prison for dealing cocaine and heroin.

Sam was allegedly stabbed after his release from prison, three months ago, and was taken in by his mother. He was, however, not at the house when it was set ablaze by rival gangs.

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