Nigerian sports journalist, family die from gas explosion injuries after “dreaming of tragic fire incident”

Eddie’s wife, four children and a visiting in-law were also caught in the fire.

Eddie Bekom at the hospital before he succumbed to the burns on Sunday. Photo: Godwin Enakhena.

A Cross River-based sports journalist, Eddie Bekom, has lost his life after suffering serious degree of burns in a gas explosion at his home early July.

Eddie, along with other members of his family, were caught between life and death when fire razed their apartment on the 1st of July at about 4.30pm in Ikom.

According to popular sports journalist Godwin Enakhena, Eddie was in his living room when he perceived gas smell from a neighbor’s flat. He was said to be on his way to alert the neighbour when he was met with a deafening explosion.

The explosion led to a fire that engulfed him and his apartment.

Eddie’s wife, four children and a visiting in-law (his wife’s brothers wife) were also caught in the fire in their attempt to rescue him and run through the raging inferno.

They were all badly burnt and were rushed to the Federal University Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki.

Eddie’s wife died days after the tragic gas explosion. Photo: Godwin Enakhena

The explosion was said to have occurred when the neighbour lit a kerosene stove, having thought she had ran out of gas as the burners didn’t come on.

She, however, mysteriously didn’t perceive the leak, unlike Eddie.

The woman and her family, according to Enakhena, didn’t suffer same degree of burns like Eddie and his family.

Eddie’s wife and one of his daughters died as a result of the burns sustained days after. The hospital kept the news of the deaths from him because of his condition.

Quite strangely, the late sports journalist was said to have had a premonition about the tragic incident, alarming his pastor about a dream he had about a fire disaster in his house that wiped out his entire family.

The pastor had immediately prayed against such occurrence.

The landlord and his son were also said to have dreamt about fire and forewarned all tenants in the house to be cautious.

One of Eddie’s children has also died as a result of the fire. Photo: Godwin Enakhena

Enakhena, who said he only got to know of Eddie’s plight a little over a week ago, said all efforts by the Family United By Sports (FUBS) group to raise funds and donate blood for the family’s treatment took a hit when Eddie was pronounced dead early Sunday.

He said Eddie had told him, days before his death, to tell other members of the group that he would “survive this ordeal” and “won’t lose the battle”.

Enakhena said doctors have confirmed that the in-law and one out of Eddie’s two surviving daughters are still on danger list, while the last child, known as Divine, may be discharged soon.

He called for support for the surviving members of the family.

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