Nurses protest as patient beats doctor to coma and injures colleagues

A psychiatric patients goes nuts and beats CMD to coma in Ondo hospital.

Nurses at the Ondo State Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Akure have taken to the streets to protest against inadequate security at the hospital after a patient, Folorunso Olawale went berserk and beat up several medical personnel, including a doctor- Sunday Sajo who went into a coma after the attack.


The patient was said to have sprung the attack while the doctor was on his afternoon ward round. The attack lasted a few minutes but not before the doctors and accompanying nurses were severely beaten.

The grouse is that after the incident, the medical staff were ordered back to work by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, to the disappointment of workers at the hospital who demanded an assurance of their safety and wellbeing; especially as the patient was the suspect being held by police for killing the daughter of a former deputy governor in that state.



The union frowned at the attitude of Ikuomola, saying they want better treatment¬†from the government. ”I want to believe we are not in an animal kingdom. We heard of the attack on some nurses and doctors of the hospital and we came to persuade the workers to go back to work”, said a spokesperson.

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