Police officer allegedly extorts man for having communication app on phone in Ibadan

Officer Ogunkanmi allegedly extorted Olamide for having Google Hangouts app on his phone.

Another victim of police extortion, Olamide, has revealed the identity of the official that allegedly collected N10,500 from him.

Olamide said he was arrested and extorted by police officers in Ibadan on June 12 for having a communication app, Hangouts on his phone.

He said: “I was arrested in Ibadan yesterday on my way to work coz police officers found an in-built app (Hangout) on my phone, I refused to pay until your officers threatened to Lock me up.. I eventually paid N10,500!

“They didn’t allow me to call anyone and I was ready to battle it out with them until I was taken to one of their wretched stations where they were gonna lock me up with some dreadful looking guys! I feared for my health and safety and just had to pay them!

“I was smiling all through this duel, even soliciting on behalf of others. Until they popped up with: Alaye wetin you dey use hangout do? I was surprised coz this app has been there for ages and I dont use it. Las las they told me to pay N100,000 I bursted into laughter coz I thought it was all a joke.

“Until I got to station and they asked me to pay 10k las price, for goods I didnt buy! I sha paid and left.. I dont wanna be exposed to danger from these guys in case this escalates and is taken up.”

The Police Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU) said the matter has been taken up.

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