Queen’s College Health Crisis: LASG urges health care providers to report cases of affected students

A number of students have fallen seriously ill after consuming food made with contaminated water.

In a bid to efficiently tackle the ongoing water and health crisis in girls-only school, Queen’s College, Yaba, the Lagos State government has urged all health care providers to report cases of affected students.

Students of the school had suffered varying degrees of illness after consuming food made with contaminated water. Two of the affected students died.

Meanwhile, the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) insists on the March 19 resumption, despite the government’s advice that academic activities in the school be suspended indefinitely.

Press Release:

“In continuation of the efforts to adequately address the recent health issues at the Queens College, Yaba, Lagos, the Lagos State Government hereby wishes to notify all health care providers and the general public of the need to report cases of any Queens College student or family members of such, presenting with fever, headache, lethargy, and abdominal pain with or without diarrhea and vomiting from January 2017 till date.

Please report such cases to the Ministry of Health or call any of the following numbers to make the report:

08037170614, 09098935458, 08033014278, 08023169485, 08037170614, 09087106072, 08023169485, 08052817243, 08026441681.

Members of the public are also enjoined to adopt and maintain high standards of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation which include:

• Proper disposal of refuse and sewage

• Regular hand washing with soap and water”

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