Russia 2018: Things that’ll happen in Nigeria during the World Cup

In the coming days, so much will happen in schools, workplaces, mosques, churches, even in homes.

FIFA on Thursday published a list of official logos for each of 32 participating national teams in this summer’s Russia 2018 World Cup.

According to the world’s governing football body, the logo of the hosts, Russia is ‘Play With an Open Heart.’

Finally the day is here, the day most of us have been waiting for, The World Cup starts today, June 14 2018, it’s going to be a month of football on the television, legends will be made, tears will be shed, the memories will last a lifetime.

In the coming days, so much will happen in schools, workplaces, mosques, churches, even in homes, amongst the things that will happen are the under listed:

Fake injury, Illness at work places:

Many companies and government workers may fake injuries so as not to miss any part of the world cup.

Employers may have to discern which injuries are real and fake because many workers might file for on-the-job-injuries to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Other workers may use a different tactic, like exaggerating a minor injury. For instance, a worker bumps his head on a machine and then fabricates symptoms, such as severe headaches and dizziness.Their initial injury might be legitimate but they claim they are still injured weeks or months after the injury has healed.

Family fight over remote control:

Many Nigerians will experience serious fight, bickering over TV remote at this world cup season.

There will be series of family arguments in the past between husbands and wives, brothers and sisters over who should have the TV remote control and watch his/her favourite channel during the World Cup.

Wearing of Nigeria jersey:

Many Nigerians will don their jerseys proudly at the beginning of the match, and the act may linger if Nigeria go far in the tournament. This is the period where many Nigerians show loyalty.

Last week, social media was buzzing with a Lagos bus conductor who was seen wearing what many consider a replica of the Super Eagles’ jersey valued at N46,000.

Word goooooallll will rent the air:

There would be noise in all quarters during the World Cup tournament, shout of goal before and after blowing of whistle by the referee would be heard in all quarters for those who will watch the match in open bars, viewing centers.

The noise may be higher when Nigeria is playing or when any of the other African countries in the competition – Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal – would face their opponents.

Winning/Losing gambling debts over match predictions:

There shall be lots of fights over gambling bets in the World Cup.

Students, young and upwardly mobile men and women – yes, women – will bet heavily during the World Cup.

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