Russia possesses Donald Trump sex tape – unverified report claims

There’s a video of US President-Elect Donald Trump romping with Russian girls out there. But no one, not even the people who say that video may exist, have seen the sex tape.

Someone claimed to be a former British intelligence official, in a dossier, alleged Russia has compromising information on Trump.

The said information includes a video of Donald Trump romping with Russian-government-hired prostitutes.

The said agent feared the juicy sexual encounter, if it occurred, was secretly filmed by Russian operatives.

Dossier from "former British intelligence officer" claims Russia may have Donald Trump's sex tape.
Dossier from “former British intelligence officer” claims Russia may have Donald Trump’s sex tape. (Source: BuzzFeed)

US intelligence presented the dossier to Trump and President Barack Obama, CNN reported.

Both figures were also informed, according to CNN, Russian may have damaging financial information on the President-Elect who succeeds Obama on January 20.

There are speculations Russian leader Vladimir Putin may, if he has the sex tape, use it to blackmail Trump.

The dossier’s authenticity has not not been verified.

Trump said it’s fake.

Written by Rotimi Akinola

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