Sex worker found dead by roadside in Edo

Precious was said to have an eight months old child.

The lifeless body of a commercial sex worker identified as Peace Precious was discovered by the roadside in Upper Mission Extension, around Imuetinyan Junction, Benin, Edo State on Tuesday morning.

Reports say there were bruises on her hand and blood was dripping out of her nostrils when she was found.

A resident of the area claimed they heard a noise around 4 a.m, with someone saying “pease, please take the bag,” but they couldn’t come out because it was dark.

A staff of a hotel where Precious used as base told Vanguard that they became worried after waiting to see her return and phone calls made to her phone were unanswered.

“I came to the office and I was told that she left on Monday and had not returned. When they called her phone, it would ring and then go off. I suggested that we go to the Police to incident the matter,” the staff said.

“I called Aduwawa Police Station and officers asked for her picture. I was waiting for her picture, when we heard that a dead body was discovered along Upper Mission Extension. We ran down there and discovered that it was her.

“She used to hustle on Old Road in Aduwawa.”

Precious, whose family was unknown to her acquaintances, was said to have an eight months old child.

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