Signs Of Endtime? Tablet Bearing Cryptic Words Discovered At The Site Where A Construction Worker Found Dinosaur Bones in Mowe

The prevailing theory is that this cryptic message might have been planted by leading digital advertising agency – X3M ideas

A few days ago, news platforms around the country reported dinosaur sightings in Mowe area of Ogun state. The dinosaur bones which were uncovered by a construction worker has led to many debates, with many questioning the legitimacy of the findings as well as government’s responsibility to the man who made this remarkable discovery.

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Well, the plot has thickened, as the excavation of the fossils have revealed something we are still trying to wrap our heads around. A tablet was discovered buried deep within the remains and written on the tablet were the cryptic words “EVOLVE OR DIE” alongside a website address “”

This has made the interesting discovery even more intriguing as questions have been swirling around the meaning of this message.

The prevailing theory is that this cryptic message might have been planted by leading digital advertising agency – X3M ideas – who are the brains behind some of the best commercials in the last decade. Moreso, the website address found on the tablet bares a part of the agency’s name.

If this is the case, it will not be surprising as X3M ideas are known for their shape-shifting strategy, constantly evolving and changing with the tides to position itself as the best in its industry. Perhaps this is a statement from the agency to everyone.

So as to confirm our suspicions, we checked out the website found on the tablet. The moment you log on to the website, you are asked to enter your name and email after which you are required to provide answers to a series of quizzes that eventually rank you on how much of a dragon or a dinosaur you are based on the answers you provide. By this estimation, those behind the website are saying that dinosaurs became extinct and were replaced by dragons which are a significant improvement on what dinosaurs were. For one, dinosaurs didn’t spit fire.

This writer scored 20% overall which, according to the feedback on the website, means the writer is more of a dinosaur than a dragon. It even says extinction is a plausible conclusion for this writer and she should get out of her comfort zone. It is not a very soothing feedback, but quite brutal and frank, especially as it probably holds a layer of truth.

This has been an interesting story to follow, and we keenly wait for X3M Ideas to provide some clarity on these finding which has shocked the entire country.

You should also see how much of a dragon or dinosaur you are; visit

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