Six education issues Buhari must address immediately

As he took his health seriously, Nigeria’s president needs to face the education sector with equal vigour.

As strike by university authorities in Nigeria drag into the fourth week with little or no comment from the Presidency; it is seeming as though the educational sector is of little importance to Aso Rock. On the contrary, politicians are getting ready for the 2019 general election.

But it is expedient for the President to pay close attention to the most important part of any nation’s growth and development- education.

Here’s a short list of the things he must do to salvage the rot in Nigerian education.


1. Accept that the country needs a high-quality education “system”:

The current system is obsolete and must be overhauled.

2. Review staff salary

We need to realise that many people in Nigeria use the teaching profession as a stepping stone to a more attractive job; this has made teaching a profession of fresh graduates of universities and colleges of education. An upward review will encourage more graduates to take up teaching.

3. Decongest overcrowded classrooms

Classes are always overcrowded with up to 100 students in a class designed for about 25 students, in most cases, especially in public secondary schools, chairs are not enough, students share seats; some even stand to attend lectures.


3. Provide adequate learning facilities

Nigerian schools at all levels lack the modern day essential materials for learning(especially for science practical classes, this, no doubt, affects the learning process.

Most secondary schools do not have a standard laboratory for practicals, neither do they have science materials, those that claim to have are managing the old ones.

4. See teachers as the solution not the problem

The constant treatment of tutors as though they were the problem needs to stop.

5. Refrain from politicising education

All parts of the nation must have equal opportunities and ensure that students are equitably treated during examinations.


6. Fish out the undisciplined individuals involved

The corruption does not operate in a vacuum; the corrupt officials must be removed from the educational system.

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