Stranded Nigerians in Russia sleep at the embassy, desperate to return home

The stranded Nigerians would like to fly back home, but help is not forthcoming.

Nigerians stranded in Moscow have begun camping in front of the Nigerian Embassy.

Several hundred Nigerians went to Russia during the World Cup with hopes of finding jobs and staying there, but their hopes have been dashed after realising they would need proper visa documents to be able to stay in the country.

Some of them, however, have been scammed into buying tickets for the trip back that turned out to be fake.

The stranded Nigerians would like to fly back home, but help is not forthcoming, except from a Russian NGO, Alternative.

Some of the stranded persons.

According to Alternative, approximately 200 Nigerians are stranded in Moscow and 400 all over Russia. 60 spent the last night in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow.

Meanwhile the embassy promised to accommodate them for only two days. It is not clear what would become of the stranded Nigerians afterwards, as their fates hang in the balance.

“Without the support of “Alternative” their situation would be desperate,” German journalist Miodrag Soric, said.

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