Uber driver “threatens to beat female passenger, breaks her phone” in Lagos

The driver allegedly requested that the trip be made ‘off book’ and the passenger was to pay N10,000.

An Uber driver in Lagos, identified as Jude Idoko, allegedly attempted to beat up a female passenger on Thursday after she declined to pay more than the usual fare.

As narrated by Famutimi Femi on Facebook:

“His name is Jude Idoko and he drives a Toyota Corolla with License plate LSD 295 EC.

“He’s an Uber driver who came to my friend’s house to pick her to Yaba.

“During the trip, he then requests that the trip be made ‘off book’ and she was to pay N10,000.

“My friend objected to this and then he got angry. He started screaming that he had no time to waste and that she was wasting time. He then grabbed her phone and her bag and tried to punch her.

“My friend had to wind down and start screaming before people gathered. He came down from the car with the intention of beating her up.

“She was able to get her phone, but it’s cracked. Now my friend is traumatised and scared because of the actions of this madman.”

Newsroom placed numerous calls to the driver, but the calls were unanswered.

A week ago, a lady also accused an Uber driver of slapping her and calling her father “an animal” for complaining about his services.

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